In the backseat.

I like the peace
in the backseat,
I don't have to drive,
I don't have to speak,
I can watch the country side,
and I can fall asleep.

My family tree's
losing all its leaves,
crashing towards the driver's seat,
the lightning bolt made enough heat
to melt the street beneath your feet.

Alice died
in the night,
I've been learning to drive.
My whole life,
I've been learning.

"This is a wonderful, emotional song to finish "Funeral." The song still pertains to the central theme of the album: the passing of loved ones. This song brings me to tears with the dramatic buildups and the easily experienced, metaphorical lyrics. Basically, being in the back seat means to be as a child. As a kid there are no responsibilities and everything simply observed. But since "Alice", the mother, has passed away, she now has to take control of her life as the adult now. This song is simply a tearjerker when reminiscing about childhood, growing up, and the death of a beloved parent. "

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