the fab four

today i saw three chinese kids (from the chinese pastry shop nearby) singing children's songs in chinese to a homeless guy in the street. i bet they were all feeling a bit misplaced in the world (the kids were taken from everything they knew and loved to start life over in south america, and the homeless guy wore rags in the cold and slept on a cardboard sheet, ignored by the rest of the world except those three children). the kids were all laughing and dancing and the guy was smiling and clapping his hands. the most beautiful thing i had seen all day. i pointed the scene to a friend and she just shrugged, “whatever, this place stinks; let’s get out of here”. sometimes i feel really stupid for believing that moments like this are worth having to put up temporarily with a crowded bus station smelling of stale food and piss.

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  1. On a world where they are used to set homeless people alight with fire, this is a true beautiful inspiration and hope that all is not lost.